Lawrence Wright

When you die you will find yourself in the Between Lives area. This is still part of the Earth Matrix. The lies and deception you experienced in the life just ended will continue in this area.

You will feel an almost irresistible attraction to the love and light.

You may meet a spirit guide and have a life review and be advised you need to reincarnate in order to learn more lessons and experience the Karma both good and bad arising from the life just lived.

They need your consent to reincarnate back into the same life in the same time period as the one just lived. They will however neglect to tell you that your memory will be wiped and so in reliving the same life over and over you will have no idea what you did well or badly. The only clue you will be given that you have done all this before will be a few instances of Deja Vu which will be inserted into your psyche.


Escaping this Matrix.

If you would like to escape this Matrix then when you enter the Between Lives Area you must resist the attraction to the love and light & do not communicate with any Spirit Guides, other entities or anyone who may appear to be the loved one, friend or family, they are not real and have been simulated. Their only purpose is to get you to Reincarnate into the life just lived in order to provide more LOOSH (food) for the Archons.

In this area you have the power to move simply by thought. Look above you and you will see holes in the Grid (The Matrix). Using the power of thought move towards and then through one of the holes in the Grid. Once outside you have eternity to explore the entire real Universe.