Earth is concave and stationary, so we are living on the inner surface of circular terrarium under glass/ice membrane at 100 km. It means that Earth en-capsules the whole Universe inside.

About 3937 km above our heads there is rotating Celestial Sphere with Octahedron inside – the Central Source of ubiquitous electromagnetic field. It keeps Sun, Moon and Planets (all in diameters about 500 km) orbiting in this space between Earth and Celestial Sphere.

The half-ring inside the Celestial Sphere, seen at night, forms the Milky Way, but the other half of this ring, consisting of purple plasma, creates the amazing daylight.

The Sun, similar in size to planets, is attached to Celestial Sphere and is only a miserable flashlight compared to the brightness emitted by daylight plasma half-ring.

Earth has been attacked few times from outside through entrances at South Pole and North Pole, which remains under military control of invaders with UFO.

Dr Steven Greer in his Disclosure Project uncovers the truth about the UFO/UAP issue with about 150 illegal military operations basis all over the world.

Earth even has been collided from outside with object in about 500 km of diameter, causing in 1816 a year without summer. The object has entered Earth in Chinese mountains, then by entering Celestial Sphere has turned off half of daylight plasma ring and dropped into  the ocean about 1600 km near Japan. Object’s Earth exit point. Object’s Earth enter point.

This incident could be called Armageddon , because it has destroyed most of the biosphere and latter caused mud avalanches from the sky, which has covered few storeys of buildings all over the world.

Magnetic Pole of Earth has been replaced after collision.

The invaders has used heavy excavators to extract and take away the most valuable minerals, leaving deep ravines and heaps on Earth.

Now they have corrupted all governments, trying to rule and divide the world by using AI in cyber matrix and reduce the population to 500 million.

So the only way to save humanity is to consolidate all people on Earth.

 We are the hosts of the Earth and our task is to harmoniously manage all resources and entities, no harming anyone, using the classic triad of truth, goodness and beauty.

Let us remember that we are all part of One Big Circle of Life and in more than 90 % we are Soul and less than 10 % of our nature is Body. We all have a direct quintessential connection to the Source of Love and Wisdom, which will always help us if we ask for it. Although the Body is a temporary suit during life’s journey, the Soul is immortal and priceless. You can easily sell it for worldly goods, but then you may regret it because there is no price enough to buy it back.


Get to know the TRUE KNOWLEDGE that will show your Soul a direct way back to the SOURCE (non-religious God), avoiding middlemen and dead ends!

Earth is concave and stationary, and the Source of all is at the center of a multilevel spherical terrarium in Octahedron.

Human Being is the most powerful conscious creature on Earth, quintessentially connected to the Creator or Source.

Thanks to the awareness of the TRUE KNOWLEDGE from previous incarnations and by actively acquiring it in the game of life doing good, the human soul can ascend to the Source (seven levels of Heaven), leaving the body suit on Earth after death.

Remaining in Ignorance or doing evil, we may be stuck in one of the intermediate levels for longer or even condemn ourselves to be degraded to one of the seven subterranean levels of Hell.

TRUE KNOWLEDGE or Ignorance – the choice is yours!


Poznaj PRAWDZIWĄ WIEDZĘ, która wskaże Twojej Duszy bezpośrednią drogę powrotną do ŹRÓDŁA (niereligijnego Boga), omijającą pośredników i ślepe uliczki!

Ziemia jest wklęsła i nieruchoma, a Źródło wszystkiego znajduje się w centrum wielowarstwowego kulistego terrarium, w samym środku Oktahedrona.

Człowiek jest najpotężniejszym świadomym stworzeniem na Ziemi, połączonym kwintesencjalnie ze Stwórcą czyli Źródłem.

Dzięki świadomości PRAWDZIWEJ WIEDZY z poprzednich wcieleń oraz poprzez aktywne jej zdobywanie w grze życia czyniąc dobro, dusza człowieka może wznieść się do Źródła (siedem poziomów Nieba), pozostawiając na Ziemi po śmierci skafander ciała.

Pozostając w Ignorancji lub czyniąc zło, możemy utknąć na jednym z pośrednich poziomów na dłużej lub wręcz skazać się na degradację do jednego z siedmiu podziemnych poziomów Piekła.

PRAWDZIWA WIEDZA albo Ignorancja – wybór należy do Ciebie!


Познайте ИСТИННЫЕ ЗНАНИЯ, которые укажут вашей Душе прямой путь обратно к ИСТОЧНИКУ (нерелигиозному Богу), избегая посредников и тупиков!

Земля вогнута и неподвижна, а Источник всего находится в центре многослойного сферического террариума, прямо в центре Октаэдра.

Человек — самое могущественное сознательное существо на Земле, связанное с Творцом или Источником с помощью квинтэссенции.

Благодаря осознанию ИСТИННЫХ ЗНАНИЙ из предыдущих воплощений и активному обретению их в игре жизни творя добро, душа человека может вознестись к Источнику (семь уровней Неба), оставив после смерти телесный костюм на Земле.

Оставаясь в Неведении или творя зло, мы можем надолго застрять на одном из промежуточных уровней или даже обрекаем себя на деградацию в один из семи подземных уровней Ада.

ИСТИННЫЕ ЗНАНИЯ или невежество – выбор за вами!